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Partial Support of Color Format


this question is appeared as a result of the discussion:

MFXVideoVPP_Init() returns warning MFX_WRN_PARTIAL_ACCELERATION when it is being initialized with Direct3D11 acceleration device and Color Format YV12.

Liu, Mark (Intel):
I can't remember which framework support which format.

yes, really, where can we get this info ?

What does documentation say

mediasdk-man.pdf ( page 25 )
Table 6: Supported SDK Surface Types and Color Formats for Direct3D9
Table 7: Supported SDK Surface Types and Color Formats for Direct3D11

Table 6 contains a mention about YV12 and Table 7 doesn’t.
But: this difference is in the ENCODE column.


When I pass NV12 Color Format to MFXVideoVPP_Init() instead YV12 as input parameter - it returns MFX_ERR_NONE.

So, YV12 is the reason of our warning.

Do we have any Documentation that describes Full Supported or Partially Accelerated Color Formats ?

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