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Problem about UV plane using cl_va_api_media_sharing_intel


I use cl_va_api_media_sharing_intel to share the data between VA API and OpenCL API.
I use clCreateFromVA_APIMediaSurfaceINTEL function to create clImageY shares Y plane of input VA surface(NV12) and create clImageUV shares UV plane of input VA surface(NV12). When I run the program on CentOS 7.4 with MediaSDK2018R1, I found that a few lines of data in the clImageUV plane are zero for some videos(For example, column 0 -31 are zeros, the correct UV value stored in column 32, UV32<->Y0,Y1), the Y plane is correct . But I run the same code on CentOS7.2 with MediaSDK2017R3, there is such problem(UV0<->Y1,Y2). Is there any new about the cl_va_api_media_sharing_intel in MediaSDK2018R1.

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Hi Guoqing,

As I can see cl_va_api_media_sharing_intel() is an OpenCL function, Media SDK should not have impact to its behavior.

However the behavior change might not come from the Media SDK side, it might caused by kernel driver, user mode driver and libraries; if you can exclude the difference of these components, for example, you switch the MSDK version only in the same CentOS version, we might be able to check it.

Also about your post, I am little bit confused, are you saying it is failed on CentOS 7.4 but succeed on CentOS 7.2?



Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, the operation succeed on CentOS7.2 but failed on CentOS7.4. We try to install MediaSDK2017R3 on CentOS7.4, but we failed.  

We also test theOpenCL Plug-in Sample to rotate the video with opencl.

#sample_multi_transcode -i::h264 1.h264 -o::h264 out.h264 –opencl –angle 180.

When we play the output video out.h264, we have the same problem .We test several videos with different resolution. We find some resolutions are wrong(320x240), some resolutions are not (480x480).