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Problem wiht H.264 Encoder: Only Accept Interlaced Input


When I use Logitech web camera and Intel H.264 encoder and decoder in graphedit. Graphedit automatically add color space convert and the output frame like frozen, moving to next frame after 2 or 3 seconds.

After I change to a analog camera, graphedit don't add extra filter between input source and encoder filter and the output frame looks normal. The only problem is the analog output frame looks like interlaced. If I try to add a deinterlace filter between input and encoder filter, the output frame acts just like the web camera.

Since the web camera is progressive scan and the analog camera is interlaced scan, so I wonder the Intel H.264 encoder can only accept interlaced input? If so, how can I deal with the deinterlace thing?

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Hi There,

Intel H.264 encoder support both progressive and interlaced input. you can set following parameter for encoder.

mfxVideoParam  m_mfxEncParams.mfx.FrameInfo.PicStruct

But encoder doesn't help to do de-interlace operation, you should use VPP do the de-interlace if you needed.




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