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Question regarding video resolutions and CPUs


I just recently swapped out my old CPU for a i7 10th gen, and also bought a new 4k monitor. After getting everything setup, I wanted to test out my monitor and see how 4k videos will look compared to my other 1080p monitor. So I just chose a video at random on youtube. When choosing the resolution, I noticed youtube now supports 5k and I just wanted to test it out, knowing it wouldn't be any better than choosing the 4k option. But when playing said video in 5k, my CPU temp just spiked and my pc was attempting to take off like a plane. When switching to 4k, the temp dropped. I tested it out on another video, chose 5k and my temp didn't spike. I'm just curious if resolution plays part or if it was just the specific video.

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Hi Maxwell,

This forum is to support Intel oneVPL/Media SDK toolkit, the developers are using these tools to develop their product, Youtube could be one of them. So as a end user, you are not using out tool. Although you see we support video, but to support Youtube is out of our scope.

I can give you some clues but I am not sure if this is the cause. You are using a 4K monitor to display 5K resolution, this will increase CPU utilization, first it must decode 5K, second it must downscale from 5K to 4K; these operations cause a lot of CPU resources. So the recommendation is, don't use 5K since your monitor only support 4K.

Mark Liu