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Running on a vanilla 3.10 kernel


I accidentally ran my application on a vanilla 3.10 kernel and it, to my surprise, worked. That got me to thinking, what do your kernel patches do? And more importantly, what issues should I be on the lookout for running my application on a vanilla kernel? Stability issues? Performance? Corner case bugs? Long term run bugs? Simplicity is always better so if I don't have to run a patched kernel that.

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Hello there - Can you give us some more details on the system you are working on - eg what product/OS/etc., you are working on? That would help us answer your questions.


I'd love to see us get to the point where patching isn't necessary for Linux operation too.  We may get there someday, but today the patches are required for a while range of things.  As you've found, some parts work with the default kernel.  However, the patches enable features (like lookahead) and do help with stability, performance, etc.  Most importantly, only the patched installations are supported configurations.  Our ability to help will be very limited unless starting from the set of patches matching product validation.   For specifics on what the patches do, hopefully reading the source (including the filename) will be helpful.