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SDK 2016 CentOS



Im trying to deploy the new SDK 2016 in a machine with CentOS and process hang building the kernel rpm (see below the step). 

(as root)
# ./
# mkdir /MSS
# chown {regular user}:{regular group} /MSS
(as regular user)
$ cp /MSS
$ cd /MSS
$ ./build_kernel_rpm*.sh       --- This is the last step I can run


So first step is completed properly and trying to build the kernel it stuck at : X.509 certificate list changed and after several minutes waiting, the terminal session is dropped. See attached a file which have the last part of the log I see in the screen.

Is there someone with similar experiences? or any clue about what could be the issue behind?


Thanks a lot



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Which CentOS are you using?  The scripts assume CentOS 7.1.1503, which can be downloaded from here:

One of the advantages of building an RPM package for the kernel is that you only need to do it once but can copy it to many machines.  The first thing to try if you're having trouble with remote install is to build locally.  Then just put the rpm package on the remote machine, install, and reboot.

The RPM build process can take a long time.  For a shorter build where you control all of the steps you can use the Generic install procedure.  The steps outlined in the getting started guide are based on the 3.14.5 kernel, but you can also use the same process to apply the CentOS 7.1 patches to the  3.10.0-229 CentOS 7.1 default kernel and build manually.  This may also help you see if there are any errors, if you're missing any package dependencies, etc.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the quick response. Finally something was wrong with the kernel and didn't have more time to get this working. Will work around this next weekend and will post later the outcome




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