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SDK Performance issue



I have code which use sdk hardware implementation with IO.Patern as system memory. 

My application rendered video from multiple camera simultaneously. so it perform decode+render operation for multiple camera simultaneously.

I observed SDK not able to decode correctly after 10 FullHD stream and 18 HD streams. It is throwing randomly MFX_ERR_UNSUPPORTED return code.

cpu usage and gpu usage  52% ans 65%(approx.) respectively for 10 FullHd streams.

cpu usage and gpu usage  70% ans 78%(approx) respectively for 18 FullHd streams. 

System Information :

cpu : intel core i-3770 @3.40ghz 3.40ghz

graphics : intel HD graphics 4000

my questions is is there any upper limitation for sdk ?

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Hi Chintan,

If you see our published benchmark in 2016, you can understand, the code should not be a problem:

The problem is rendering, there might be a limitation of rendering which is out of the scope of Media SDK. To verify this, you can run the application without rendering(just drop the frame after decoding). The other check point is, I am not sure if you are rendering each stream independently or you are doing composition?