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Source code for Intel Media SDK h.264 decoder.


We need the source code for the Intel Media SDK H.264 decoder.

We have some H264 files that decode fine with our (LEADTOOLS) decoder (which is based on older Intel decoder code), but fail to decode with the latest Intel Media SDK decoder. And since there is no way to predict for which files the decoder will fail, we have the hardware acceleration in our H264 decoder disabled by default.

If we had the source code for the decoder, we could try and fix some of these problems ourselves.

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Hi Ike, what is "older Intel decoder code"? Is it IPP software codec or older MediaSDK version?

Are your failed to decode streams compliant to AVC spec?

If you can provide a part of stream - failed frame+ dependency reference - we will work thru it

Thanks, Alexey


I attached two files that do not decode (2.264) and (OnlyPs_HasTimestamp_P.mpg).

2.264 seems ok, I don’t know why the Intel decoder doesn’t like it.

The other file has only P frames and while this is not quite right, I have seen several other files of the same type, most of them generated by hardware cameras.


Again, if we had the source code, we could try to fix it without going to Intel everytime we have a problem.