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SyncOperation() keeps returning MFX_WRN_IN_EXECUTION


My live transcoder software (using sw implementation) is running for a random amount of time when suddenly the SyncOperation() start to return MFX_WRN_IN_EXECUTION.
Even when waiting for 10/20/30 seconds - I am still getting that warning. Such long wait time (> 2 seconds) is unacceptable for a live transcoder.
In order to override this problem, I tried to reset the encoder in some way.
Since it's impossible to drain it (because we get MFX_WRN_IN_EXECUTION forever), I tried to call encoder->Reset() but the encoder hangs.
Calling encoder->Close also hangs forever and never returns.

I found on the forum this post :   advising to reduce async depth to 1.
I will try it asap, but not sure if this will be a good solution for me.

Is there any open bug on encoder->close hanging?
Is there any work around to close the encoder without hanging?

Any help is much appreciated !

Thank you

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