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The Graph could not change state

Recently I Installed the Intel Media SDK(2016_R2) to encode the 1920x1080 YUY2 format video which is captured by a HDMI capture card. In the version Intel Media SDK, directshow filter is not include. So we download the “DirectShow Sample 5.0.461.91752” from intel website and install. The installed directshow filters are shown in attachment 1.png

I construct an sample-encode-record graph in GraphEdit which is shown in attachment 2,jpg, it works ok! The video file can be played very well.

Then “Infinite Pin Tee Filter” is added to generate a video stream for render. However, once the graph starts play, GraphEdit prompts “The Graph could not change state” immediately. The simple graph is shown in attachment 3,jpg

The computer configuration is:

1. I7-3770K

2. 8G RAM

3. mainboard: Asus P8Z77-V LX2

4. win7 64 bit


The question troubles us for many weeks. Wish intel engineers try and debug.

Thanks for looking into this


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