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Timestamp lost after calling MFXVideoVPP_RunFrameVPPAsync



I'm using the DirectShow Sample 5.0.461.91752 doing some test. Is there any case that the output of MFXVideoVPP_RunFrameVPPAsync will have a timestamp of zero but the image data is correct?

The issue is that, when I'm using a physical USB camera, things work correctly. But when come to e2eSoft VCam, a virtual software camera, after calling MFXVideoVPP_RunFrameVPPAsync, the timestamps of each output surface becomes zero. But by decoding and examine the image data, it shows no problem at all. So it seems only the timestamp lost!

Below is the code generates the problem, in base_encoder.cpp

mfxStatus CBaseEncoder::RunEncode(IUnknown *pSample, mfxFrameSurface1* pFrameSurface)
    if (m_bUseVPP)
        mfxSyncPoint syncP = {0};
            sts = m_pmfxVPP->RunFrameVPPAsync(pFrameSurface, m_ppFrameSurfaces[nIndex], 0, &syncP); //the timestamp lost!

            if (MFX_WRN_DEVICE_BUSY == sts)
        } while (sts == MFX_WRN_DEVICE_BUSY);        

I noticed that the call may return MFX_ERR_MORE_DATA, but in my case it did return MFX_ERR_NONE. So I suppose the timestamp should not be zero. Again, when I'm using the USB camera, it goes correctly.

The analyzing result :

Intel Media SDK System Analyzer (32 bit)

The following versions of Media SDK API are supported by platform/driver:

        Version Target  Supported       Dec     Enc
        1.0     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.0     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.1     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.1     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.3     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.3     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.4     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.4     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.5     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.5     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.6     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.6     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.7     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.7     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.8     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.8     SW      Yes             X       X

Graphics Devices:
        Name                                         Version             State
        Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000                 Active

System info:
        CPU:    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz
        OS:     Microsoft Windows 7
Installed Media SDK packages (be patient...processing takes some time):

Analysis complete... [press ENTER]

Who can give me any idea?


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Hello there - Apologies for the delay getting to this. Are you still observing the issue you mentioned above? Also, we released new versions of the Media Server Studio product in the past weeks. You may want to update to the latest product/driver and see if you observe the same issue.

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