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Ubuntu + Mediasdk for QSV support


Hey, i have working ubuntu 14.04 with mediasdk and ffmpeg to transcode video files. but now i see that there is an error in my installation...

root@lenovo:~# ./ 
Hardware readiness checks:
 [ OK ] Processor name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570T CPU @ 2.90GHz
OS readiness checks:
 [ OK ] GPU visible to OS
Media Server Studio Install:
 [ OK ] user is root
 [ ERROR ] not found.  Check LD_LIBRARY_PATH contains '/usr/lib64;/usr/local/lib'
 [ OK ] vainfo reports valid codec entry points
 [ ERROR ] no /dev/dri/renderD* interfaces found
Component Smoke Tests:
 [ ERROR ] no Media SDK include files.  Are Intel components installed?
 [ ERROR ] no OpenCL include files.  Are Intel components installed?

Media SDK Plugins available:
(for more info see /opt/intel/mediasdk/plugins/plugins.cfg)
 [ ERROR ] no plugins/plugins.cfg.  Are Intel components installed?

it is kernel 3.8 and then mediasdk + ffmpeg installed...


so i try to install ubuntu 16.04 with mediasdk but there i found no working solution. can anybody help me? i found a way to install it in centos but i want to use ubuntu...

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I've also seen some issues with Ubuntu 16.04.  However, Ubuntu 14.04 should work well for this machine following these steps:

More details on how to check your install are in this article: