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Vpp scaling mode does not work


I am using the sample_multi_transcode in MediaSdk to transcode a h264 file from 1080p to 720p. I want to try different scaling mode. so the scaling mode is configured with a mfxExtVppScaling structure in function "CTranscodingPipeline::InitVppMfxParams(sInputParams pInParams)" in pipeline_transcode.cpp as described in the mediasdk manual . And the scaling mode value is printed in function VideoVPPHW::SyncTaskSubmission(DdiTask pTask)", which shows the scaling mode has been set successfully, but the final result makes no difference. So I am wondering how to configure the scaling mode.

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Hi PengBo,

I think you are using the wrong configuration structure, we actually have a better sample code than sample_multi_transcode, you can download the zip file of tutorial release 0.0.4 under the following URL:

There is a project called simple_vpp which shows how to set up scaling. Basically you need to use mfxVideoParam structure to setup the format of input and output.

Let me know if this helps and if there is any more issue.


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