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What is "Intel Clear Video Technology"?

CurrentlyI ambuilding a video conferencing system running on Intel platform.I use Intel Media SDK to rewrite my DirectShow h.264 encode and decode filter,hoping to utilize the HW acceleration capability of the intergrated graphic card.

I want tochoosea graphic card-intergrated chipset formy system,but I can't determine whichone I should use.I notice thatthe significant difference between H61 and H67 is that H67 supports "Intel Clear Video Technology" whileH61 does not.

Does the "Intel Clear Video Technology" have any influence on the application of Media SDK?What advantages it can bring to video conferencing?Can the GPU intergrated in H61 chipsetencoder and decode h.264 streams with HW accleration?

Thank you.
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There is no direct relation between Intel Media SDK and Intel Clear Video Technology.

Intel Clear Video Technology is typically a component integrated with the platform to enable end users to control media post processing (skin tone, saturation etc.), while Media SDK provides a programming API to access HW accelerated (and SW) codecs.

At times the Intel Clear Video Technology is used as a marketing term, and in the way it is described, it may come as across as overlapping the Media SDK capabilities.

The chipset does not dictate the capabilities of the graphics or HW codec acceleration capabilities. Make sure you select a processor compatible with the chipset that supports 2nd generation processor graphics to gain access to HW accelerated encode and decode. Look for the "Intel Quick Sync Video" capability.