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android stream has lag and noisy.


Hi, guys~

My app is based on the camera streaming sample.

It streamed vide clips to wowza server on 20~25fps.

But sometimes the lag has happened, it happens two or three times in a minute.

And the lag remains about 5 seconds when it happens.

What can I do for it?

I tested the app using Samsung galaxy grand Max (


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Hi Jong Youl,

In this scenario, lag observed could be due to network bandwidth speeds. Please check your network Upload/Download speeds. We tested on high network bandwidth and did not see any lag issues. 

Following are some options you can try to workaround the lag:

  • Check you network bandwidth as device camera captures  4128 x 3096 resolution and this requires high network bandwidth to stream to Wowza server. If network bandwidth is low, I suggest trying on higher bandwidth.
  • If you have any other devices connected on same network hub, I suggest reconnecting them on different network. 
  • If you have any antivirus blocker app on the device, suggest disabling it, before launching camera streaming app.



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