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how to configure intel media sdk in android


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how to configure intel media sdk in android


Hi sir very good Morning to you i have gone throughout the stack overflow that you are providing an api for video editing ,cutting etc. i have visited to your website but unable to find proper solution to configure intel media sdk in android studio. I have download the source code from Githup but while i open that code there are many errors due to jar files are missing even i am not able to find the jar file also. Kindly help me for both of these. 

Last question this intel api is paid or free of cost?




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Hi Hal, 

Intel Media SDK is windows only supporting client (core/atom) platforms. From above description, I think customer is looking Media for Mobile (M4M) android library files and source code from git hub are only samples and do not include library files. But installing Media for mobile and its libraries should resolve this issue observed. M4M feature was a part of Intel® INDE and is currently unavailable ( and I have emailed you on this topic. 



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