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intel media sdk 2014 sample_decode_drm performance


recently, I use intel media sdk 2014, test decode performance, 

I use sample_decode_drm to test i3-3110M and i7-3615QE's performance 

os:ubuntu12.04 kernal 3.2

but, on the cpu i3-3110M sample_decode_drm can decode 18 way real-time decode

on the cpu i7-3615QE it can only decode 15 way real-time decode

what it's the matter?

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Hi there, 

This could be of multiple reasons, so few things to check here - 

There could be an installation issue, if the i7 is not using Intel's implementation then there is a possibility to see  the performance difference. However there is no easy way to find this on IVB.  Can you re-install Media Server Studio 2014 on i7?

What is the input resolution of your videos? How are you measuring multiple decode performance?  

Are you writing the o/p to disk? If yes, can you please please change the code to not write the o/p and measure the performance then. The writing speed to disk could be different. 


P.S. We generally don't recommend using the decode sample for bench marking.


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