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la_ext location for hevc hw encoding?



I'm trying to encode with Media Server Studio 2017R2 samples with lookahead plugin, but can't find the hevc la_ext plugin to encode Hevc with hardware, i found that lookahead extended plugin for LA ENC AVC for H264 encoding, where is the la_ext plugin for LA ENC HEVC?

In Latest Media SDK show that are possible to encode HEVC HW with look ahead plugin, but can't find lookahead plugin for HEVC

HEVC encode limitations: 

Supports maximum resolution 4096x2172. 

Supports only CQP, CBR, VBR, ICQ and AVBR rate control methods, as well as MFX_RATECONTROL_LA_EXT with lookahead plugin. 

Query max macroblock per second report not supported. 

Next limitation for encoded bitstream:

o No tiles support;

o No SAO;

o No P slice;

o Progressive only.




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Hi Celio, you can use H264 LA plugin with HEVC encoder.



Artem S. (Intel) wrote:

Hi Celio, you can use H264 LA plugin with HEVC encoder.

Alright, but when i try to encode i get this error

sample_multi_transcode -i::vc1 C:\Users\thx4ever\Desktop\SVS6D2EP2.vc1 -o::h265 C:\Users\thx4ever\Desktop\SVS6D2EP2.hevc -w 1920 -h 1080 -hw_d3d11 -async 10 -b 6900 -u 1 -la_ext -gop_size 24 -dist 4 -num_ref 5 -bref -MaxKbps 24000 -ec::nv12 -dc::nv12
Multi Transcoding Sample Version
OpenCL or chroma conversion is present at least in one session. External memory allocator will be used for all sessions .
plugin_loader.h :170 [INFO] Plugin was loaded from GUID: { 0x58, 0x8f, 0x11, 0x85, 0xd4, 0x7b, 0x42, 0x96, 0x8d, 0xea, 0x37, 0x7b, 0xb5, 0xd0, 0xdc, 0xb4 } (Intel (R) Media SDK plugin for LA ENC)
[ERROR], sts=MFX_ERR_UNSUPPORTED(-3), TranscodingSample::CTranscodingPipeline::EncodePreInit, m_pmfxENC->Query failed at src\pipeline_transcode.cpp:445
[ERROR], sts=MFX_ERR_UNSUPPORTED(-3), TranscodingSample::CTranscodingPipeline::Init, EncodePreInit failed at src\pipeline_transcode.cpp:3073
[ERROR], sts=MFX_ERR_UNSUPPORTED(-3), TranscodingSample::Launcher::Init, pThreadPipeline->pPipeline->Init failed at src\sample_multi_transcode.cpp:313
plugin_loader.h :196 [INFO] MFXBaseUSER_UnLoad(session=0x0000000000FFDE90), sts=0
[ERROR], sts=MFX_ERR_UNSUPPORTED(-3), wmain, transcode.Init failed at src\sample_multi_transcode.cpp:682
I don't know what to do, tryed with many options i Always get this errors


My system specs:

System: Windows 10 PRO x64

Processor: Intel i7 7700 Kabylake with Intel HD 630 Graphics (Driver

Memory: 8GB Memory DDR4 2400Mhz