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media sdk2012 h264 decode error

Hi, guys, I use intel media sdk 2012 to decode h264 file, however, it doesnt work, i cant see the output file there are some errors DecodeFrameAsync: EXTERNAL : MFX_ERR_MORE_SURFACE (1360) DecodeFrameAsync: EXTERNAL : MFX_ERR_MORE_DATA (208) input file: I download from use YAMB to get raw H.264, just following the instructions in Intel_Media_Developers_Guide OS:win7sp1(32) cpu: intel i5 m480 there are the detailed log in the attachments Best David
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Hi David,

The Media SDK version you have is very old and is not being supported by us. We have moved many generations since and our latest Media SDK is at API 1.16. So, kindly update your Media SDK to the latest.

Based on your command-line, I see you are trying to pass a container format to MSDK. MSDK only operates on elementary bitstreams. If you have a container format, demux it and feed the video stream to MSDK.

For more info, please look at our samples/tutorials pages, and here is link to download the latest Media SDK.  --> our community version is free.