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mfx_codec_jpeg missing a kind of IJL_JBUFF_READONEEIGHTH


while testing Intel Media Jpeg codec i can't find a similar option like scaled decoding options from ijl

 // Scaled Decoding Options:

IJL_JBUFF_READONEHALF // Reads a JPEG image scaled to 1/2 size.

IJL_JBUFF_READONEQUARTER // Reads a JPEG image scaled to 1/4 size.       

IJL_JBUFF_READONEEIGHTH // Reads a JPEG image scaled to 1/8 size.       

This option is very important, because it allows to reduce 
extremely the required CPU or GPU usage 

In case of IJL_JBUFF_READONEEIGHTH you will need 1/64 CPU/GPU and 1/64 Memory for decoded surface space. 

I've seen the option for rotation 90/180/270 degree at decoding stage, which is good, but scaling option is much more interesting in case of required scale operation in VPP-Stage.

Is this option already available? If yes, can you give me a hint how to use it?


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Hi Ralf, 

IJL is part of Intel Integrated performance primitive.  If you have a question on IJL, this forum - might be right place to ask. In VPP, we have post and pre-processing filters to process the stream before encoding or after decoding. As far as I know we don't have such an operation in MSDK, but I will check with experts and provide feedback to engineering team to improve our product.


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