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moving d3d surface into 2d directdraw surface


Is there a possility to move data from Direct3D9 surface into DirectDraw 2d surface.
I need it for content protection and I'd like to keep the data on GPU.
Solution of copying data into RAM memory and back to GPU is not acceptable.

I suppose it is impossible in Direct3D, but maybe in VPP?
If not now, is it planned or possible to add?

I tried some tricks to cheat the direct3d that 2d surface is 3d surface or 3d is 2d and then stretch or blit, but not succeded.

is there any way to do it?

Tried also in CUDA, but even if I succeed it would be a solution for nvidia GPUs only.
maybe intel cards has some hidden driver functionality?

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Hi MJ,

VPP does not have that functionality. I am a bit curious on what you are trying to achieve, can you elaborate a bit on how copying decoded frames onto a 2D surface would be needed for content protection? If you are working for/with a company product, send me a private message we have a program for enabling content protection. Other than that, Id point you to the Microsoft documentation on the EVR renderer, and its ability to support a custom presenter.. perhaps that will point you in the right direction.


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