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sample_multi_transcode question



I wan't to know if are possible to crop vídeo with sample_multi_transcode, i want to crop top 20 botton 20 and resize from 1920x1080 to 1920x1040, can i do that? If are possible please can someone show me a example?




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While the command line and par file parameters for sample_multi_transcode are very rich, they do not cover all possible things you can configure. 

To see cropping in the sample code, look at sample_vpp.  The settings to use are in the diagram below.  You define the region of interest by the crop on the input/source side, then you place it by the settings on the output/destination side.

This article has more information on the settings used:

sample_vpp.exe -sw 640 -sh 480 -dw 352 -dh 288 -scrX 100 -scrY 100 -scrW 352 -scrH 288 -scc i420  -i test.yuv -o testout.yuv

In the example above, an input file of 640x480 is used.  A region with the left corner at 100,100 and a width and height of 352x288 is placed in the output frame of 352x288 with cropX/Y defaulting to 0.

You could add these settings to the VPP init function in pipeline_transcode.cpp.  However, what may be even more useful is to put these settings into the transcode tutorial with resize.  The tutorials can be downloaded here: