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use NV GPU to encode but intel GPU usage is very high


hi guys,call help,

i use NV GPU to encode, however, test tools show that the intel GPU and NV GPU are works, more serious is that the intel GPU usage is very i am very confuse, i do not know why have to use intel GPU?you can see the attachments for more details. 

one more thing, i want to know how to calculate the intel GPU overall usage for intel INDE system analyzer tool.for example,the GPU overall usage gets 100%,however,both EU engine usage and MFX engine usage are not get why?

PS:the monitor is attached to the intel GPU display port.




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Can you tell me what driver are you using? Since your Intel graphic device is connected to monitor that will be become an active and accessible. I would recommend you to check switchable graphics and monitors section in our manual(Pg 186). 
Also how are you setting up the encoder for NV GPU?  Intel Media SDK using HW acceleration can only be achieved on Intel Graphics.  You might wanna use Hardware acceleration via the Microsoft DirectX 9 and DirectX 11 infrastructure. 





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