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v3 beta 3 problem with directshow

I have a directshow graph for grabbing an image from a video file which works fine using v2 but not with v3 beta 3. The graph looks like this...

Async file source -> Intel MP4 splitter -> Intel h264 decoder -> My CTransInPlace image grabber -> Null Renderer.

The image grabber filter just writes the IMediaSample to a file. The problem is that CTransInPlaceFilter::Transform is never called on the image grabber filter. Using the v2 SDK I just connected the filters as described, called IMediaSeeking::SetPositions then Paused the graph, then CTransInPlaceFilter::Transform would be called. Using the v3 SDK I can not get the Transform method to be called. Even Running the graph doesn't work.
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There were some changes from beta2 to beta3 in DShow decoder filter which could affect your scenario. But I cannot tell more as I don't have your filter to debug. I can only tell that decoder works fine with with several other filters that we test with, including Null Renderer. So I would suggest you to debug the source code of decoder filter to localize the root of behavior change.

Will look forward to more details from you.

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