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what different output size using Intel Media SDK 2014 H.264 Encoder H/W, S/W?



I'm using Intel Media SDK H.264 Encoder and Decoder in Intel Media SDK 2014 Library Sample Transcode  DirectShow Filter.

And I'm forced set the rate control option to CQP (Contant Quantization Prarameter) for test.

(also, set to QPI, QPB, QPP)

But, when test two PC and same option, result is not same.

One PC supported intel quick sync video H/W encoder, the other is supported S/W encoder.

The result is output size near by doubled. (H/W : 300MB, S/W : 600MB)

I know H/W encoder speed is faster than S/W encoder.

but, why output size is not same? any other option needed?




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Hi HeeSung,

Thank you for reporting this behavior. We should not see difference in two system unless they are different generation HW(few features are supported on old HW like Sandy or Ivy Bridge)
We need more detailed information to analyze this issue - 
1.  Details about the system configuration of the both systems? Run a Media SDK system analyzer on both machines
2. Reproducer code: Can you reproduce the issue with existing tutorial ? If yes, please let us know the changes you have made or attach a modified code with input arguments so that we can reproduce the issue at our end.
3. Please run the same code on both the system and run the tracer utility which will run time API calls to Media SDK.

Details for all the information needed can be found here  -