Media (Intel® oneAPI Video Processing Library, Intel Media SDK)
Access community support with transcoding, decoding, and encoding in applications using media tools from Intel. This includes Intel® oneAPI Video Processing Library and Intel® Media SDK.

where is the linux media sdk


I'm very confused by those many product names.

I want to create a video player with hardware acceleration, which one should I use?

media sdk for client or Media Software Development Kit 2014 HEVC Software Pack?


also, I'm developing under linux and mac. but I could only find media sdk for client for windows only?


is it cross-platform at all?

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Media SDK is growing quickly.  There are 2 main Media SDK products now (Windows client and Windows/Linux server) and several add-ons.

If you were developing for Windows, the clear answer would be Media SDK.  Linux support is available via the Media SDK for Linux Servers product.  However, rendering is currently not a high priority for the Linux server version -- the main focus now is scenarios where transcode output is streamed from server to client.  There is no Linux or Mac/OSX client Media SDK.