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16bit access to flash

Hello, I tried to build a Nios subsystem on my StratixIII DevBoard. I’ve done it.  

I found out that altera cfi-flash drivers in Nios2SBT can access flash only in 8bit mode. 

There is no mistakes in project in Qsys & QuartusII because I’ve tried an example stratixIII_3sl150_dev_niosII_standard. 

Also I made update in verilog code mentioned there 



Could you explain me how can I get 16bit access to my flash (Intel PC48F4400P0VB00)? Should I cut 16bit word to two bytes? Should I code my own driver? Are there any examples? 


P.S. I notice there are double address widths. May be, it made by Qsys for adaptation to 8bit driver.
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