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AN351 really confused me.

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Dear Support, 

I am learning NiosII simulation, so I download an351 package and play with it. if I open it with Quartus PRO 21.3. it complains that the device is Cyclone V.  and I have to upgrade the design to a new device.  so I download and installed Standard 18.1, which support Cyclone V, but it surprised me that AN351 only support Quartus PRO format, standard revision can't open it. is this observation true?

for an entry level learner. I hope the example is sample and straight forward. 

I hope my observation was wrong, and someone can give me instruction to run it in a right way. 


Should I use Pro or Standard revision?

if the answer is Pro, how to use Cyclone V device?

if the answer is Standard, could someone open the AN351 and tell me the result?


Don't cry for me, Altera. 





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by the way, I saw a very funny video tutorial "Simulating a Nios II processor design - YouTube", but it seems have nothing to do with the AN351 pdf document downloaded from Intel. has any of Intel guy watched the video? has any of Intel guy repeated the process of the AN351 document? do I have to use command line for simulation Nios II? ????????

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I have figured out how to run AN351 through. even it taken many more days than I expected. as long as you pay attention to the Intel Quartus and Nios II handbooks. hard work and patience will give you good return.  there is no question on this AN351 from me anymore, please close this thread or mark it as solved. 


Thank you to all of the supporters.