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Accessing Inputs Outputs of custom component

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Hello every body; 

I have created my custom compnent caled "cipher", it takes 2x128 bits input and produce one 128bit ouput, the component definition in system.h is: 


# define ALT_MODULE_CLASS_Cipher_0 Cipher# define CIPHER_0_BASE 0x201020# define CIPHER_0_IRQ -1# define CIPHER_0_IRQ_INTERRUPT_CONTROLLER_ID -1# define CIPHER_0_NAME "/dev/Cipher_0"# define CIPHER_0_SPAN 32# define CIPHER_0_TYPE "Cipher" 



My Quistions are: 

1-what is the address of the inputs and outputs. 

2-how can i access them if i want to pass and read the inputs and the outputs as 4x4 array. 

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The address of your component is CIPHER_0_BASE. To access it, you can either use pointers (if you have a data cache, remember to use alt_remap_uncached() on the pointer address) or the IORD() IOWR() macros.