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Add python-numpy to Yocto build

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I am using an Altera Cyclone V SoC dev board playing with OpenCL for the FPGA. I running my Yocto builds with CentOS 6.3 inside VirtualBox. 


I have followed the instructions on rocketboards ( and succesfully build an image that boots and runs on the board no problem; but now I want to modify the build. I would like to have python-numpy and OpenCL on the board but I am having trouble figuring out the correct packages and recipes and where to put the files.  


Any help getting numpy and OpenCL on my board is greatly appreciated :) 


p.s. I also noted that the serial console from prebuilt SD card image ran at 115200 baud and the image I built ran at 57600... not sure where to put the SERIAL_CONSOLES variable to change that either.
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I have numpy running on my Cyclone V board, I followed this tutorial ( uses a newer version of Yocto. Just add the following to your conf/local.conf file (NOTE: the leading space is necessary, add a space as a delimiter between additional packages). IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " python-numpy" Also note that the python modules are not split up the same way as the standard python libraries, if you are looking for specific modules check your tmp/work/<arch>/python/<version>/packages-split/ directory which shows how everything is split up. Simply include the module package you want the same way as I did with numpy above.  


Still working on getting OpenCL also running on the board.