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Altera DE2 push button replacement or equivalent

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I have a DE2 Board and 2 swtich push button are damaged. 

Does any one know the part number of the switch push button or any equivalent part ? 


Thank you for any answer ! 


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Dear ravelar, 


The tactile switch PCB footprint (and electrical model) should be the same as a standard 12mm by 12mm tactile switch. 


You can find these at almost every electronics retailer online. 

Here's one from Tayda electronics. 


Now, the only problem is desoldering it. In order to desolder a part from a multi-layer board with plated-through holes, you have to have a constant vacuum desoldering station. Usually, the EE shop in a university will be more than happy to do this for you, but you should not attempt this yourself (unless you have the tools and know how to do it ;) ). (Do note this is not the same as desoldering from a single layer PCB board.)