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Altera lab SoC FPGA Linux training



I apologize if I’m in the wrong place. 


I’ve got a DEO-Nano-SoC from Altera/terasic and try to follow an Altera Tutorial which doesn’t appear to work very well. 


It’s the “SoC FPGA Linux Training v15.1 – Lab 1 (Software) Build a preloader, bootloader and kernel”. I don’t have any link, we gave it printed to me. 


I manage to complete all up to the “building a device tree” part. 

But in the next one “creating a booting SD card image”, the command using give me an error : “could not copy bootloader image to block /dev/loop” 


I run the tutorial on a 64 bits 14.04 LTS Ubuntu VM 


Can you help me please .
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