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An error PK3Err0040 occured in my PIC18F4520 programming

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I am trying to run a program on PIC18F4520( using PicKit3 & MPLAB IDE. But I got an error: PK3Err0040: The target device is not ready for debugging. Please check your configuration bit settings and program the device before proceeding. 


Whereas when I try to run one of the old program, it's running. My new program code which is not running is: 


#pragma config OSC = HS,FCMEN = OFF,IESO = OFF // CONFIG1H#pragma config PWRT = OFF, BOREN = SBORDIS, BORV = 0 // CONFIG2L# pragma config WDT= OFF, WDTPS = 32768 // CONFIG2H# pragma config MCLRE = OFF, LPT1OSC = OFF, PBADEN = ON, CCP2MX = PORTC //CONFIG3H# pragma config STVREN = ON, LVP = OFF, XINST = OFF // CONFIG4L# pragma config CP0 = OFF, CP1 = OFF, CP2 = OFF, CP3 = OFF // CONFIG5L# pragma config CPB = OFF, CPD = OFF // CONFIG5H# pragma config WRT0 = OFF, WRT1 = OFF, WRT2 = OFF, WRT3 = OFF // CONFIG6L# pragma config WRTB = OFF, WRTC = OFF, WRTD = OFF // CONFIG6H# pragma config EBTR0 = OFF, EBTR1 = OFF, EBTR2 = OFF, EBTR3 = OFF // CONFIG7L# pragma config EBTRB = ON // CONFIG7H # include "p18f4520.h"#include "delays.h" void main(void) { TRISA=0b11111111; TRISB=0b11111111; TRISC=0b11111111; TRISD=0b00000000; TRISE=0x11111111; while(1) { Delay10KTCYx(200); LATDbits.LATD3=1 ; LATDbits.LATD2=1 ; LATDbits.LATD1=1 ; } } 


Please let me know where the issue is? Is it something to do with bootloader?
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You are on the wrong forum, this is for Altera components