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Are NiosII free with ArriaII GX DEV KIT?



I have bought two sets of ArriaII GX DEV KIT, and I found that all the demo projects were all created with the NiosII fast version IPcore as the main processor. Even the TSE ipcore were also used in the Board Update Portal Project.  


However, when I try to compile these projects, I was told that "the OpenCore Plus feature is on with these IPcores -- NiosII and TSE", and finially the "xxx_time_limited.sof" is generated. I guess the Kit should be given with a one-year license for QuartusII software as well as the Nios II IPcore for my design. I am a university students, and we also have the license in which Nios proceesor is a licensed IPcore, which can be seen on the License Setup Window. But I don't konw why that does not work?  


After that, I also applied for the one-year license combined with this ArriaII GX DEV KIT on altera's website. This one-year license seems have the same question that I can't successfully generate the un-limited Sram object files(xxx.sof) because of the unlicensed NiosII IPcore and TSE IPcore. 


What's the reason about this? Should I bought the NiosII Embeded IPcore with add-on license? 


Thank you!
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Maybe Nios core is ok, but You don't have memory controller and/or networking controller core licences?