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Avalon Interface -> burst transaction

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Hi all,  


I have a question regarding the Avalon Interface…  


As for the burstcount lines, does it indicate the number of bytes/words/transactions on the writedata bus? Lets’s say the writedata has 256 lines. So, if is drive the burstcount with value 0x8, does it mean that the burst should contain 8 transactions of 256 bits each one (totally 256 bytes would be moved)?  


As for the address lines, should they indicate a byte address for the first byte in the burst?  


Thank you!
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It is easier to understand the Avalon-MM protocol if you see it in action. Take a look at post#25 here: 


Download the BFM example, and run it. 


Actually, it looks like I wrote a tutorial too ... see the first link here