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Avalon -> Dual Port RAM -> custom hardware interface

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Hi All, 


I am creating a custom memory mapped device and need to create an 8k byte block of dual port RAM with write-only access from NIOS, and read-only access from the custom hardware side. 


RAM needs to be internal to the Cyclone IV FPGA. 


I have found a dual-port Avalon memory part within SOPC builder, but feel that I don't need anything quite as elaborate as Avalon on the custom hardware side. 


Having said that, the custom hardware will be reading a byte every 8th clock cycle at 50Mhz, so I will need the Avalon / NIOS side to generate wait states should a bus conflict occur. 


Any pointers appreciated before I go-chasing-my-tail for a week. 


Many thanks, 


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Creating what you want is as simple as the attached - a VHDL 'interface' that contains the mapping from Avalon signals to RAM signals. Use the component generator to build a _hw.tcl and export the ram_xx signals as a conduit. You can then instantiate the RAM and the control logic on the other port of the RAM outside the SOPC/Qsys system. 



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Many thanks Dave, 


That attachment is very well documented and should be a good starting point