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BSP Editor - Operating System Section only display generic preloader

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Hello everyone, 


I currently have Quartus II and SoC EDS (version 15.0) installed on both windows 7 and Ubuntu 16.04. I noticed when I tried to create a New HPS BSP using the BSP editor under Linux, the Software section under Operating System only displays "Preloader", while on my windows system it shows both "U-Boot SPL Preloader Cyclone V/..." and "U-Boot Bootloader (Arria 10 HP)."  


Is there a way to have both the windows options (U-Boot SPL Preloader Cyclone V/... and "U-Boot Bootloader (Arria 10 HP))appear under my linux version of BSP editor? 


Thanks for taking the time to read through my question. Any help is appreciated. 


Update (17MAY2017): 


Issue was resolved by installing Quartus II and EDS version 17.0 for Linux.
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