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BSP Editor generate fails with VIC

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I generated a qsys design with NIOS2 and a VIC (Vectored Interrupt Controller). 

I then created a NIOS2 application and bsp (used the small hello world template). 


The code compiles fine but I wanted to dig deeper into the interrupt handling code and then I noticed that in the drivers section of the bsp, the 'altera_vic_0_vector_tbl.S' file is empty which seemed strange. 


I ran the bsp editor and made sure all parameters made sense and then hit 'generate'. The result is an error message: 'TCL script "C:\altera\11.0\ip\altera\altera_vectored_interrupt_controller\top\callbacks.tcl vic_0 ..." error: expected integer but got "" 


Can anyone shed light on this? 


Thanks, Amit
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I ran into the same problem. 

It seems that interrupts and qsys don't live in harmony. 


I have a complex system which runs ok when using SOPC but when i create the same in qsys then i get tremendous interrupt related issues. 

I also wondered why the interrupt custom instruction has been discarded with qsys. 


I would recommend to post this issue as a support request to Altera. 


let me know any progress...