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BSP-editor not generating Makefile and preloader.ds

Honored Contributor II

Hi guys, 


I get this error: 


- derived_reset_assert_hps2fpga: not such variable 


when trying to "generate" from bsp-editor as described in "sockit_sw_lab_13.0" (exactly following guidelines...). 


This causes I cannot generate all the files I need like makefile, preloader.ds and so on... 


Any ideas/suggestion?? 


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Honored Contributor II

I see that you are experiencing all the problems I had with SoCkit :( 


However, I remember I managed to get past this error using BSP-editor from the Quartus 13.0 version


In my opinion, Altera's SoC were released in a big hurry to catch up with Zynq family, so the documentation and examples could be written better. Let's hope we will get some decent (or at least working :) ) examples soon.