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Beginner question regarding HPS, Qsys and NIOSII

Hello all, 


After bumping into error after error, and errors becoming very vague, the following question came to my mind. 


I have a design in Qsys in which there is a simple counter streaming data to a sgDMA, which output is connected to the f2h_axi bridge (in hopes of getting that data into the SDRAM, but that is another ongoing topic) 

After messing with the HAL libraries supplied with the sgDMA ip, and realising they are made for the NIOS II IDE, (not for the DS-5 IDE? (I ended up getting errors in the generated assembler?)) Is it necessary to include a NIOS block in Qsys that controls the sgDMA with these HAL API's?  

Are there libraries to use this sgDMA in the hps? 


I am sorry if my question sounds a bit weird but I have been facing so many issues here, even my confusion is confused sometimes... 


Kind regards, 

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