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ByteBlasters and Development boards

Hi guys 


I am in the process of manufacturing a set of ByteBlasterMV cables for a group of people here in South Africa. I am going it to sell them for roughly $25 USD per cable. Anybody interested can PM me or visit my site. 


Secondly. The same group of people will get a Cyclone 1C3 development board as part of their course. The board has not been manufactured yet but is planned for about $89 USD. It will have the basics on (1C3 FPGA, EPCS1, clock, a few LEDs, MAX232, on board regulators...basically plug and go. Just requires an external power supply). Any suggestions, before I hammer away, will be greatly appreciated.  


I also have numerous NIOS1 and 2 designs but nothing generic. Will produce something more generic, for the masses, in the next 2 months. There will be an RF add-on board for this design (roughly $22 per channel) that will allow your FPGA/NIOS design to chat via common ISM band at a maximum of 50kbit/s. Again suggestions are welcome. 



Victor (
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