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CYCLONEIII remote configuration update

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Dear All,  

I would like to understand the workflow in setting up a remote update configuration feature in my CYCLONEIII device. 

I surfed the forum, some Altera ANs, UserGuides and still can't get a clear idea on this. I read about ALTERA_REMOTE_UPDATE Megafuction, 

that's ok, it seems to me that its role is to load at some some points a given configuration retrieved from the configuration device among 

others. But my big question is: what about the new configuration download to to the EPCS device? I would like very much if it could be done by a lan network through my standard 1Gb Ethernet interface. Unfortunately I can't find any reference to something like this. Would this mean that I should provide by myself a "way" in the NIOSII application to get the configuration data from the network and then store them in the configuration device? 

Is there any other way to load new configuration data from remote to the niosII system? I mean Some Altera Tool like FlashProgrammer that operates from the network? 

Please Help me to find a way to understand this point.  

Thanks a lot in advance everybody.
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AN-429 and the BUP (Board Update Portal) that ships with (AFAIK) every single Altera dev kit are both examples of remote configuration over ethernet using Nios II. 


You might look into "remote jtag" for the flash programmer over ethernet. It would require a JTAG connection to the board, but it's close to what you want. 

- In the future, it should be possible to put this remote JTAG capability into the ARM cores that reside on the SoC devices. 


Cheers and good luck! 


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Thanks slacker, that's for sure a very good starting point.