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Can I start Modelsim/Questa GUI when I am using command line mode?

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When I do simulation, ususally I will start with command line mode, to save some resource (I also hear it may accelerate the simulation). But after simulation done, sometimes I want to open the GUI to have a look, to check such as whether the simulation duration is enough. So I wonder whether I can open GUI when I am using command line mode? If I can, how? 


Thank you in advance.
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I don't know how to link to a running simulation, you can definitely start up another instance. 


What I've done in the past, is started the sim that dumps to a wlf file, then open that file in another instance. This works with modelsim. Haven't tested with Questa. 


To keep the GUI from pulling another simulator license, i start it with the -lic_no_lnl option. This way it only pulls the gui waveform viewer.