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Can .RBF Raw Binary be run natively from power on from SPI flash?

Hi All, 


While being new to the whole Quartus thing, I was wondering if it is possible to run a raw binary .RBF from SPI Flash natively by HPS without Uboot or any OS loaded.  


Are the .RBF's the bare metal binaries for Arm Cortex A9? 


Can Quartus make executable ARM Cortex A9 binaries? 


And the last thing I was wondering is if we can use .SOF files natively as well. 


I was also reading that the ARM Cortex also comes in MCU form with onboard flash ARM Cortex M9. 

This would be fun to explore, along with the third type of ARM Cortex which I forget how it loads. 


Thank you for your help.
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