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Can not find file "altera_avalon_timer.h"

Honored Contributor II

Hi Everybody, 


I have got the problem when finding the solution to measure performance of C program on NiosII.  

Here is the example code that I have followed an example in Nios II handbook: 


# include "sys/alt_timestamp.h" 

# include "alt_types.h" 

int main(void) 

int the; 

double sinLookup[Thetamax]; 

double cosLookup[Thetamax]; 

alt_u32 time1; 

alt_u32 time2; 

time1 = alt_timestamp(); 

//Make a sin and cos lookup-table for performance improvement 


sinLookup[the] = sin(the*PI/180); 

cosLookup[the] = cos(the*PI/180); 

time2 = alt_timestamp(); 

printf ("time in func1 = %u ticks\n",(unsigned int) (time2 - time1)); 

printf ("Number of ticks per second = %u\n",(unsigned int)alt_timestamp_freq()); 




For Hardware, I added an Interval Timer on SOPC Builder. 


The problem happened when I compiled this code to run on Nios. There was three errors:  


"/cygdrive/c/altera/11.0sp1/nios2eds/components/altera_hal/HAL/inc/sys/alt_timestamp.h:43:33: altera_avalon_timer.h: No such file or directory" 


"undefined reference to `alt_timestamp' " 


"undefined reference to `alt_timestamp_freq' " 


I have checked on directory "/altera/11.0sp1/nios2eds/components/altera_hal/HAL/inc", the file "altera_avalon_timer.h" does not exist. 




I am using Quartus v11 sp1, Nios II v11 sp1. 

If somebody know what my problem is, could you please show me the solution for this problem ? 


Thanks in advance, 

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Honored Contributor II

The file altera_avalon_timer.h exists in the directory of the timer component: 




Not sure why it couldn't find it, maybe there is something wrong with your include directories or your project in the Nios II IDE doesn't know that there is a timer instance in your hardware... maybe you have to re-generate the *.ptf / *.sopc files.
Honored Contributor II

You should add the timer to your timestamp_timer_settings in the BSP/system library: 

SysLib/BSP -> Properties -> System Library -> Timestamp Timer 

This setting is 'none' by default