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Can't boot with zImage.img but vmlinux

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I have problems with booting uClinux (NOMMU) on DE0 Board. 


I can't successfully boot uClinux kernel with zImage. 


But I can boot uClinux kernel with vmlinux. 


My u-boot version is u-boot-2011-06. 

The build of the kernel from nios2-linux-20110603 seems to work  


When I download the "zImage" to my SDRAM and try to use the bootm command to boot uClinux. 

But after a while only show the below message and then nothing happens 



--- Quote Start ---  


==> fatload mmc_spi 0 01C00000 zimage.img 

reading zimage.img 

1457659 bytes read 


==> bootm 01C00000# # Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 01c00000 ... 

Image Name: linux- 2.6 

Image Type: NIOS II Linux Kernel Image (uncompressed) 

Data Size: 1457595 Bytes = 1.4 MiB 

Load Address: 01804000 

Entry Point: 01804000 

Verifying Checksum ... OK 

Loading Kernel Image ... 






--- Quote End ---  




this is my borad information 


--- Quote Start ---  


==> bdinfo 

mem start = 0x01800000 

mem size = 0x00800000 

flash start = 0x82400000 

flash size = 0x00400000 

flash offset= 0x00000019 

ethaddr = (not set) 

ip_addr = 

baudrate = 1 bps 


--- Quote End ---  



I create zImage.img by mkimage tool. The following information is setting of zImage.image 



--- Quote Start ---  


mkimage -n 'linux- 2.6' -A nios2 -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 0x01804000 -e 0x01804000 -d zImage zImage.img 


--- Quote End ---  



PS. The success of booting kernel that I use "go" command + vmlinux.bin rather than "bootm" command + zImage.img 




Thank you for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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