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Can't generate gmon.out with gprof

Honored Contributor II

Hi all, 


I'm trying to run GPROF on my project (Quartus Prime 18.0). 

I have added the "enable_gprof" and "enable_exit" flags in the BSP, and I can see it does pass the -pg option when building. 

I have -g and -O0 as well. 

The application runs but I cannot get any gmon.out file output. 


What am I missing? I have been stuck with this for hours and can't seem to figure it out...
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Honored Contributor II

Perfect. Thanks! Just to complement the answer: in my case, where I am using the good old GNU Make and didn't want to modify the makefiles, the "-pg" flag was added to the hold process through the (environment variable) CFLAGS (for the object bluestacks ( textnow ( photomath ( generation) and LDFLAGS for the linking stage.

New Contributor I

Hi! I have the same problem, did you solve it?

Did you create your project through the GUI?