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Can't program NIOS-II, but only in a particular Quartus project (Downloading ELF Process failed)

I'm trying to program a NIOS-II economy on a MAX10 FPGA via Quartus Lite 20.1 and Eclipse Mars.2 4.5.2, but when I do so it pops up an error message saying "Downloading ELF Process failed" and then my C++ code does not run on my FPGA. Poking around, it seems like this is a memory issue, and the console briefly says "Verify failed between address 0x8000000 and 0x80025A3," which corresponds to my sdram at a base address of 0x8000000. Yet, my sdram is connected correctly. I know this because I'm using the same platform designer file that works in a separate Quartus project and nothing relating to sdram was changed (I just removed the PIOs and re-added some new ones for the new project). Beyond this, I do not know why it's not working. I can share any specific relevant files from this project, but I'm not sure which file(s) are relevant here, so please let me know what I should post. I can also privately share the entire project with an Intel employee, e.g. to reproduce this issue, if that would be helpful.
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hi david ,i met with the sameproblem .

have u solved  it.