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Can't suspend when debugging using EDS12.1

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I'm using a design created in Quartus 11. It runs from flash. It containts a NIOS II core. 


In EDS 12.1, I get the problem that suspend (pause) doesn't work. 

Steps to reproduce: 

1. compile a simple C program 

2. start debugger. Console says: Listening on port 6645 for connection from GDB: 59saccepted 


3. press 'start' 

4. after a little while, press 'suspend' 



the debugger quits. Console says: Connection from GDB closed. Leaving target processor running 


The debug halts, and allows to inspect stack, variables, etc. 


When using EDS 11.1 or 12.0SP2, I can debug just fine. All works as expected. 


I've got this problem on my PC, but my colleague sees the same. 

Creating a new design in quartus 12.1 shows the same problems. 

This is all on our custom board, using a USB blaster for JTAG.
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I just upgraded to 12.1 from 12.0 and I am also seeing this same issue. 

I completely rebuilt the Quartus project and regenerated the project and make files for Nios with no luck. 

I can nolonger pause and resume when debugging. 


I am currently using the Altera IV GX FPGA Development Kit.
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From Altera: 


We have also noticed this issue recently and the fix have been implemented into version 12.1 Service Pack 1. The release of 12.1sp1 to the customers is scheduled to be on 28th Jan.  

In the meantime, the only workarounds are: 

1. Debug using Linux platform. (The issue only occurs when using Windows platform) 

2. Revert back to version 12.0. 

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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Thanks for the update. For now, we'll use 12.0, and wait for 12.1SP1. At least that means that we can stop searching for an error on our end.

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Thanks for your post, I know it,good job!