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Cannot read IPENDING register!

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Hi guys, 

I'm new to this niosII concept. I've only started working with it a week ago for my final year project. 

every code i wrote worked fine except when interrupts are required (i'm using internal interrupt controller) 

after debugging like 5 programs, i always find the same problem: I JUST CANNOT READ IPENDING REGISTER!!:confused:. 

to make sure, i wrote the following program: 



again: rdctl r23,ipending 

br again 


and i passed it to the monitor program, i've changed the ipending register's value randomly. NONE of the values wheye loaded to r23! 

is this a common problem? does anyone knows what to do??? 

i expect a fast respond as like i said i'm working on my final year project and every day counts 


thx in advance ;)
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